Unification Theory

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Updated September 21, 2022

My name is Jim Findlay.  I am reaching out to the academic community because I need to find someone at a university with credentials to champion peer review of my work.

You should be familiar with fractals, fractal sequences, homeomorphism, topology, Hausdorff dimension, black holes, qubits, quantum entanglement, cosmology and astronomy. I have made a discovery and I want to partner with the University of Toronto or the University of Waterloo to publish the following Unification Theory.

I am 69 years of age.  I spent two overlapping project management careers working with and leading teams of architects and engineers in the construction industry and separately in the software development industry.  When I retired in 2014 I rekindled a lifelong interest in cosmology and astronomy.  Four years into my research, in 2018, I made some observations of the dimensions of our universe and solar system that clearly coincide with the human female periodic cycle, the human gestation cycle and the speed of light. The observations show that the nature of Energy is homeomorphic. There is an observable, identifiable, bi-continuous function that characterizes both the expanding universe on the one hand and the evolutionary emergence of man as its inverse function on the other hand.  The pattern to the inception and evolutionary growth of both ends of the function are based upon commonly accepted speed, wave and particle properties of Energy, light and matter. The observations show the genesis of what image mankind has been created. We have been created in the image of Energy. We are composed of a positive male side and a neutral or negative female side. Just as electrons flow from positive to negative, the arc of men moves towards women. As light is drawn towards a black hole in the macro space and scale of the universe, in the micro scale of life on earth the arc of man is attracted to the black hole of a woman’s vagina. These patterns are reflective of one another within the scale and structure that demonstrates the homeomorphic nature of Energy. Energy is the great common force underlying and connecting all life across the age of the universe. The architectural structure of the universe and mankind is based upon the evolution of Energy. Energy is the one that binds everything together.

Observations of the homeomorphic patterns I have found reveals unity between life, energy and matter into a single homeomorphic universal entity of which all things animal, vegetable and mineral are a part of. The process of the evolution of Energy topologically connects space, time, current and matter with an original singularity that existed as ‘potential’ prior to its split at the big bang. It shows that Consciousness as we experience it, is the most densified end of a homeomorphism in a topologically shared Hausedorf Living space / dimension that exists just above the geophysical space of the 3D hard matter world. The Hausdorf dimension of life is a form of current that exists the instant before death occurs and our bodies transform to inert / dead matter. Life is a state of hovering above dead matter. It is why we exist largely above the earth.  Just as in an electrical current the positive and neutral / negative sides are immiscible so to are life and inert matter. Those two states are reflective of the positive “live” side of the current loop and the neutral or “negative side” side of the current loop.  Living or “life” is the load and once it is spent the remaining current goes to ground. Once you are dead you join everyone else in the total consciousness. That is the quantum part of the discovery. So watch out, some of those judgement and life after death stories may have some truth in them. We have been created in the image of electrical current if you are into understanding Genesis.

Since I made the observations in 2018 I have been dabbling in reading several engineering disciplines trying to put together a unification theory of the universe that fits current scientific thinking.  After poking around in quantum computing and learning a bit about entanglement, qubits and quantum environments, I recently got into and discovered the mathematical terms; fractals, homeomorphism, topology and the Hausdorff dimension. For the last three years I have been researching those subject areas to become generally familiar with the meanings of the terms.  As a result of that research I now believe I have got a unification model refined enough that I can explain it to someone with a real math / physics background that understands these terms and can tell me if they see what I’m getting at.

I have zero connections to the scientific or academic community and poor health keeps me at home. I am hoping to engage with the scientific and academic community to take a look at what I’ve come up with. I have started a website at www.FindlayObservation.org where I will post this letter on the homepage.

What makes me think I have a good theoretical model is that it doesn’t seem to leave anything out.  My model explains the simultaneous process of the growth of the universe and the inverse process of densification of knowledge into ever smaller bits of matter.  That fits the definition of homeomorphism and allows me to state that the homeomorphic properties of ‘Energy’ are what have created the universe and life on Earth. My quantum model satisfies the theologians and the scientists in one swipe. The past, with all of the matter is the hard disc backend database, the combined living are the middle tier logic and our physical selves and the world around us are the Graphical User Interface. Look at your own body. It is energy and matter and consciousness. It’s not inert matter like dead stuff and it’s not pure energy like electricity; living is energy in a body that does not reside in the past or the future although your consciousness is free to travel in all directions in a quantum state.

The universe is set up with classic computer architecture. Picture all of the orbiting objects in the universe as hard discs in a network that is all at once, ‘now’ existing as a single live current, with all of the discs spinning and continually connected to each other by light and entanglement and you have the ‘big picture’ of the living universe with humans as the qubits doing our things, living our lives, acquiring knowledge, and everything we do is stored and saved to the hard disc under our feet for review after we die.

Like a qubit all of us are in a state in-between when we knew nothing at birth, and what we know now at present. It took me 69 years to learn what I know but it is all available to me instantly when queried because I lived through it to experience and learn it. So aging lets me compress all of my time on earth into knowledge that is available instantly in the 1 second of now that is conscious existence in the real 3D world.

Using the concepts of quantum, fractals and the Hausdorf dimension, life as we experience it, has always been poised in the second between death and the future, or between zero and 1, or the beginning of time and now if you understand a qubit’s circumstances.  Life unravels from the present to the past as an ongoing history and love affair between energy and the current it creates that continuously links matter and consciousness, which extends from now to the beginning of time. The bi-continuous nature and function of live current combines to grow the size of the universe while simultaneously shrinking and compressing life inversely into our solar system and life as we experience it on earth. The similarity of women’s periodic cycle and the human gestation cycle as compared to the orbit of the earth around the sun and the size of our universe is the proof of the homeomorphic connection of all things and life in the universe existing at the same time and being connected by live current.  The process points toward an original conscious entity that created the three dimensional reality (three kings of orientation) in which we all experience life.  The model reveals the origins of the story of the virgin birth and the establishment of the holy trinity, and the very real possibility of existence after life in a conscious space topologically shared with earth.  My model makes all forms of life look like quantum bits maturing in a universe that works with the architecture of a quantum computer. First there was seemingly nothing, but there was potential, then sub-consciousness, then dark energy, then potential dark matter, then subatomic matter, then – the first atom – and the big bang –  visible matter in the light – the moment of the assembly of reality. The pattern is clear, energy embeds knowledge into matter in a recursive learning process that passes to next generations.

I need some graduate academics to give my theory a first review. I have a website set up to publish my work but I just don’t feel qualified using the terms I am using until someone with credentials says I’ve got my ideas and concepts straight. I’m also a terrible writer.  I need to lecture people that have the resources and know how to author a proper academic paper.

Please send me a reply with a good time to call you if you are interested to hear me out. Also you can use the comments box on the website.

I hope to be posting a video clip of the fractal sequence I have found because I think I can explain it better in a presentation than in written form.  It is based on the speed, wave and particle properties of light.  Light is the construction material of the universe. I hope I will have an opportunity to show you how it works.

Thank you.

Jim Findlay

Ontario, Canada




I am fundraising to support my research. I would like to be able to hire one or two research assistants to help me publish my work in books and video.  I have zero resources but I do have the answer to how we all got here. I need financial resources to produce my knowledge and convert it into media for education. DONATE GENEROUSLY.