The Findlay Model

The Findlay Model exposits that our solar system is performing a specific function in a quantum network of universal scale, with life, and humans more specifically, functioning as qubits within that architecture. The entire universe may be alive and operating as a quantum computer and that may explain why mankind’s current science is at the doorstep of Artificial intelligence and quantum computing. At scale we have caught up to our creator. The universe is expanding like a pregnant woman. At 93 billion light years in diameter she is due to birth children in her image; and we’re there. A blood soaked squalling mess that doesn’t know how to care for ourselves. Let us all pray that we might soon meet the miracle that is our Mother, that she might teach us how to care for ourselves with morality and decency.

At the big bang the first singularity split into light energy and matter which in turn created polarity and currents of magnetism and electromagnetism which in turn formed the structure of division into positive – male – ejector of light; and neutral – female – matter the attractor and user of light. Energy and matter and gender have evolved from the big bang to their current state in time between their conception at the big bang and their current state as men and women on earth. I believe the evolution of the universe and the evolution of life on earth is the result of the bicontinuous function of energy.  The universe at the inverse of Planck scale is behaving like a woman’s uterus and a quantum computer. The human brain appears as a Planck scale copy of the universe. Women appear as the neutral or neutron part of the nucleus of an atom and men appear as the positive proton part of the atom. Life is the continuous function that has connected everything since the big bang. The knowledge that has been acquired since then is embodied in all of the matter.  The universe is a giant quantum computer and humans specifically are the most sophisticated qubits in that computer. Black holes are the galactic women, men are the equivalent suns at scale that interact with the black holes by providing the light energy needed by the black holes to create, just like women receive male sperm to fertilize their eggs to create life. (To be refined and continued.)