The Observations

I have observed previously unrecognized correlations between the speed of energy / light measured at 186,000 miles per second, the age of our solar system, the dimensions and characteristics of the earth and moon orbits, the age and dimensions of the universe, the duration of a woman’s periodic cycle and the human gestation period.  The measurements I use to establish the observed pattern are long established and accepted scientific measurements and they are all fractal patterns and sequences of the speed of energy / light. The surprise to me and the ‘new thing’ is that no one has previously noticed this pattern of energy that has so obviously caused life to evolve on earth. The pattern is undeniable because the measurements are empirical and not in dispute.

Observe the below pattern of values and units.

  1. The speed of light;
    [value:186,000     unit: miles per second]
  2. The diameter of the universe;
    [value: 93,000,000,000    unit: light years]
  3. The diameter of the solar system:
    [value: 186,000,000,000,000  unit: miles]
  4. The diameter of the earth’s orbit;
    [value: 186,000,000    unit: miles]
  5. The  radius of the Earth’s orbit;
    [value: 93,000,000    unit: miles]
  6. The diameter of the moon’s orbit;
    [465,000 thousand miles]; one half of 930
  7. The radius of the moon’s orbit;
    [232.5 thousand miles]; one quarter of 930
  8. The tilt of the earth, [23.25 degrees]; one quarter of 93
  9. Total degrees between the tropics, [‘46.5 degrees]; one half of 93
  10. The age of the universe at birth of earth, [9.3 billion years];  one half of 186
  11. There is an 18.6 year lunar cycle.
  12. A woman’s menstrual cycle duration, [9.3 days times 3 = 27.9 days]; three times 9.3
  13. The human gestation period, [279 days] 3 times 93
  14. There are 333,000 earth masses in the sun. If one divides the diameter of the universe, 93,000,000,000 light years, or the earth orbit’s radius of 93,000,000 miles, by 330.000 earth masses the quotient is 279,279.279 or 279.279 respectively. Compare that to the values in numbers 11) & 12) above; they are the same. It appears that our solar system is producing scale copies of the universe in the form of humans.
  15. The sun’s gravity is 27.9 times greater than the Earth’s gravity.
  16. Q: At what age do humans mature into adults?  A: After high school at approximately 18.6 years of age.

You should have noted that the values for all of the above are derived from multiples of the others and all of the values are derived from the 186,000 miles per second speed of light.  The same number appearing at different scales is characteristic of homeomorphic behavior.  You should also have noted that objects and big particles like the sun, earth, moon and people appear at the locations of their respective value/unit pairings.  What you are observing at each value/unit pair location is the wave and particle interaction at work from cosmic scale toward human scale, with our solar system being at the centre of that conversion. The units change from days, months and miles through solar system age and universal light years, but the values before the units stay constant and each value/unit pair produces an object or physical characteristic. This scaling from large to small is characteristic of a homeomorphism.

The observation of energy scaling from the diameter of the universe value of 93 to the duration of one third of a woman’s monthly cycle of 9.3 days, based on the speed of Energy / light, indicates that our solar system and life on Earth physically reflect, and are a product of time being a bicontinuous function with a continuous inverse function that we physically recognize as evolution, together indicating the homeomorphic nature of energy and the creation of life as the product of the continuous inverse function in the image of energy.

It looks like it is energy itself that is evolving. If you think of energy incarnating itself it is easy to see all of the living human brains, at scale, looking like Q-bits connected within a Quantum computer. It is the Big Picture proposed by The Bible. At scale humans require a special environment just like Q-bits and we are hard to keep alive just like Q-bits, and we network to deliver knowledge just like Q-bits and the more of us you network together the faster and more clever our capabilities. We are now the creators of Artificial Intelligence in the image of that which created us.

Energy and its myriad transformative abilities is the great singularity from which all things and life have been derived. Energy is the one big single living entity that has connected all things since time began. Energy is the single being and single entity that is alive and that each of us and everything that has ever lived is a part of. Energy learned how to embed memory into particles and how to wrap evermore complex bodies around itself until it evolved to create humans in its image and likeness. To my thinking that puts some measure of science into Genesis that is far more substantive than the current biblical Genesis text and I would hold forward that it is a philosophically defensible and scientifically arguable position for those persons that want to see some science greater than pure faith behind the creation story.

Here is the Merriam Webster definition of Homeomorphism:

“a function that is a one-to-one mapping between sets [past and present] such that both the function and its inverse are continuous and that in topology exists for geometric figures which can be transformed one into the other by an elastic deformation”

…and as defined by Wikipedia:

 “In the mathematical field of topology, a homeomorphismtopological isomorphism, or bicontinuous function is a continuous function between topological spaces that has a continuous inverse function. Homeomorphisms are the isomorphisms in the category of topological spaces—that is, they are the mappings that preserve all the topological properties of a given space. Two spaces with a homeomorphism between them are called homeomorphic, and from a topological viewpoint they are the same.“

The observation I have made seems to meet the criteria as defined above.  The human gestation cycle and a woman’s menstrual cycle are a multiplicative inverse of the speed of light and the expansion of the universe to its current 93 billion light years.

It seems our solar system behaves like a mother that gathers up energy cyclically and gives birth, just like a woman on earth does, based on similar relative scales. Women appear to be reflective of the neutral side of current and men seem to be reflective of the power side of current. At scale women appear to be the black holes that attract light (men) to them.

Women as a gender present as embodying the ‘neutral’ side of energy’s current whereas men as a gender present as embodying the power or ‘positive’ side of energy’s current, with the Earth being the ground upon which we living bits of energy walk. Biologically living matter and humans appear to have evolved in the image of the universe and the energy (men) and matter (women) that comprise it. Each gender being the result of a multiplicative inverse of energy and the neutral and positive sides of electrical current. Life and consciousness are suspended as a bicontinuous function in the present between the topological spaces of the past and the future.

I speculate that everything the living do is being saved to the hard disc of the earth beneath our feet where a copy of our lives is stored for review in the afterlife. Watch out you bad people, there may well be a reckoning of biblical proportions when you die.